A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Commander Greenstick's latest assignment is his toughest yet: on the primitive planet of Earth, a crop of his bretheren have achieved sentience mere days before they are due to be ripped from the ground and devoured. Now he must help these poor veggies to use their newfound wits and relay his intelligence-giving signal to the only species that hasn't yet grown eyes and hands: the celery.

Let's face it, you've read weirder set-ups.


Design & code: WingedAdventurer (@wngdadventurer)
Art & animation: John Gabriel (@JohnGabrielUK)
Sound design: Vidar Leimar (@LeimSound)

The Good, the Bad, and the Veggie was made for the twelth Godot Wild Jam.
You can view the source code here.


Windows 64-bit – v1.0 33 MB
Linux 64-bit – v1.0 34 MB
macOS - v1.0 36 MB
Windows 32-bit – v1.0 32 MB
Linux 32-bit – v1.0 34 MB

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