A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux


You've been given an important task: scan underwater ancient texts with your submarine and discover the hidden location of Atlantis.

The water is very dense and visibility is limited, so you'll have to utilize various UI elements that tell you where you are. Your team will be sending you messages on where to find the texts.

Additionally you'll have to pay attention to pressure meter. Staying deep for too long will destroy your submarine.



  • Left Mouse Button - enter menus and do actions
  • Right Mouse Button - exit menus and go back
  • Scroll Wheel - navigate buttons


  • WSAD - move forward/back/left/right
  • [Space] - move up
  • [Ctrl] or [C] - move down
  • [Shift] - activate boosters (move forward faster)


Made by Karlo Koščal (Winged).
Made with Godot 4.0.3.
Made for Godot Wild Jam 57.

Main inspiration for the game were Subnautica and Outer Wilds.


Subseeker v1.0.1 (Windows) 55 MB
Subseeker v1.0.1 (Linux) [UNTESTED] 56 MB
Subseeker v1.0.1 (Mac) [UNTESTED] 81 MB

Development log


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Is the 1 hour message a troll or is it real?

Also found godot.

It appears after exactly 1 hour of playing. There's no more messages after it. ;)


Damn, if I got it at the third tablet, my god, I didn't dee time pass by...


Alright, now I've noticed that the messages got mixed up and 1 hour message appears instead of some random message. My apologies. :D