A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Climb down the wells. Reactivate the sources. Climb back up before they flood.

Long ago the people of Grandwell were left without any source of water. Due to a recent Earth's electromagnetic resonance and earthquake, the magical crystals have ceased to provide water.

You have been chosen as the rescuer of our people! Equipped with nothing but the ThrowGun and your magnificent climbing skills, you will have to descent all the wells and find a way to restore their magic. But when you do, hurry back, because you are unable to swim and will drown easily!

Listen to the OST here.

Made by WingedAdventurer, JohnGabrielUK, and Dalton5000. Made for Godot Wild Jam #5 (theme: natural disaster).


Grandwell v1.0 (win64) 23 MB
Grandwell v1.0 (linux64) [UNTESTED] 24 MB
Grandwell v1.0 (mac) [UNTESTED] 25 MB
Grandwell v1.0 (win32) 22 MB
Grandwell v1.0 (linux32) [UNTESTED] 24 MB


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Very nice, first game I've seen made in Godot :D