A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Play some 3D golf in space! Kick the Moon, travel from planet to planet, avoid stars or getting stuck in space, and reach the black hole to win!


  • MOUSE to aim
  • hold LMB or SPACE to shoot
  • SCROLL WHEEL to zoom in or out (when aiming)
  • ESC to open pause menu
  • R to reset quickly

This is a jam game made for Godot Wild Jam #8. Theme = black hole. I made this game to challenge my 3D gamemaking skills in Godot. The game is massively unpolished and obviously missing content (but I learned a lot :P).

Credits and attributions are listed in Credits section of main menu.


Engolfed v1.0 (win64) 32 MB
Engolfed v1.0 (linux64) [UNTESTED] 33 MB
Engolfed v1.0 (mac) [UNTESTED] 34 MB
Engolfed v1.0 (win32) [UNTESTED] 31 MB
Engolfed v1.0 (linux32) [UNTESTED] 33 MB

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